As the cold settles in and the sun hides away a little longer than usual here’s how you can create your own little summer spot in your home 🌺 .

  • Can’t go to the beach?
    Grab yourself a Coconut scented Body Scrub. Filled with organic coconut oil 🥥, white sand 🏝 from the shores of Samoa, fresh Tahitian lime 🍋 and a dash of sweet local honey 🍯.
  • In need of tropical warm glowing skin?
    Wash yourself with a little bit of coconut oil in your nice warm bath/ shower 🧖🏽‍♀️
    You’ll feel like you never left the islands 🌴 .
  • On the go and no time for some downtime?
    Grab yourself the Papaya & Mango Natural Lotion 🧴 with freshly blended Papaya and Mango 🥭 so you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation 🌺 .
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