The Mailelani Girls is a non-fancy blog created by us, the Mailelani Sisters, Kezia & Tailani Salanoa.

As you may have guessed by now, the name of our blog is a pretty obvious choice. if you live in Samoa and know us, you have probably referred  to us as the Mailelani Girls at least once.

This blog is for people of all skin types, background, origin, race, gender etc.. it’s for people who do not have time (or do, but can’t be bothered) for that 20 steps skin routine. Like us, it is for people who want to keep things short, sweet and simple throughout the day.
We will be sharing the various products hand-created here at Mailelani and how we use them in our everyday life and the wonderful effects they have on our skin.

Our parents, Sylvie & Kitiona Salanoa, established Mailelani in 2006, and have been creating natural, handmade body care products ever since. Our main ingredient is coconut oil so be ready for a lot of coconut goodness being thrown your way.
We’re #blessed to have such cool parents who are all for the local community, natural products, economic growth and being environmentally friendly.

We promise all posts are legit, personal experiences and if you have a Mailelani story to share, please let us know and we will post it up on our blog.

Thanks for visiting us

Tailani & Kezia
The Mailelani Girls

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