Benefits of Mailelani Body Care include, but are not limited to:


  • Relieves styes and cold sores (Turmeric Balm)
  • Prevents diaper rash (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Relieves cough and chest discomfort (Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps relieve acne/eczema/psoriasis (All)
  • Anti-inflammatory for the relief of sore joints and swelling / Arthritis (Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps to reduce fungal issues and infections (Coconut Oil, Soap and Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps to heal extremely dry/cracked skin/prevent hands from cracking (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps heal scarring (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Natural anti-aging (All)
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Reduces sagging of skin (Coconut Oil, Soap & Turmeric Balm)
  • Keeps skin supple and prevents dryness (Coconut Oil, Lotion & Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps remove warts (Turmeric Balm)
  • Relief from sunburn and itching(Coconut Oil, Lotion & Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps to heal from bruises and scratches (Coconut Oil, Lotion & Turmeric Balm)
  • Excellent hydration, easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy coat. (Coconut Oil & Lotion)
  • A safe, effective moisturizer for all skin types with no adverse side effects. (Coconut Oil & Lotion).
  • Protection against stretch marks gentle, effective makeup removal. (Coconut Oil & Lotion).
  • Coconut oil also cleans, nourishes, protects and beautifies your hair!










Not forgetting that your skin feels, healthyhydratedsupple and so very SOFT!




















Coconut trees are known as the tree of life







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