Love your curls, love your curves 🌺
Curly hair can be a struggle sometimes.
From taming the frizz to giving it volume- we’ve all been there 🙄

Here is a quick and easy ways to do all of that using one natural product! .. .

  1. Grab your coconut oil and a wide tooth comb
  2. Section out your hair and comb out any knots.
  3. Using your fingers, gently apply coconut oil to the sectioned parts of your hair (starting from mid section to your roots).
  4. Repeat until your whole head is covered in coconut oil (avoid massaging into your scalp)
  5. Wrap hair in a shower cap, lavalava or clipped into a loose bun for 20-30 minutes.
  6. Rinse and wash our coconut oil using our Mailelani shampoo or whatever shampoo you like to use 😉 until coconut oil is washed off.
  7. Condition your hair and go through with a wide tooth comb.
  8. Rinse out hair and dry with soft towel in an upward s such motion.
  9. Let air dry 🌴👏🏽 And there you have it! 🌺

Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend 🌴🌸 #curls#hair#bighair# coconut oil #coconutoilhairmask

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