Skincare benefits of Mailelani Coconut Oil

Here at Mailelani, healthy skin and satisfied customers are our priority. As you may have read in our story, our wonderful founders did not have the slightest idea about skin care before launching Mailelani Body Care. However, they did know that coconut oil was a GOOD THING.

Fast forward 20 years, and here we are. You are browsing our website, and we’re going to tell you just how good coconut oil and our Mailelani products are for your skin.

Benefits of Mailelani body care include, but are not limited to:

  • Relieves styes and cold sores (Turmeric Balm)
  • Prevent diaper rash (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Relieves cough and chest discomfort (Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps relieve acne/eczema/psoriasis (All)
  • Anti-inflammatory for the relief of sore joint and swelling / Arthritis (Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps to reduce fungal issues and infections (Coconut Oil, Soap and Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps to heal extremely dry/cracked skin/prevent hands from cracking (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps heal scarring (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Natural anti-aging (All)
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles (Coconut Oil & Turmeric Balm)
  • Reduces sagging of skin (Coconut Oil, Soap & Turmeric Balm)
  • Keeps skin supple and prevents dryness (Coconut Oil, Lotion & Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps remove warts (Turmeric Balm)
  • Relief from sunburn and itching. (Coconut Oil, Lotion & Turmeric Balm)
  • Helps to heal from bruises and scratches (Coconut Oil, Lotion & Turmeric Balm)
  • Excellent hydration, easily absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy coat. (Coconut Oil & Lotion)
  • A safe, effective moisturizer for all skin types with no adverse side effects. (Coconut Oil & Lotion).
  • Protection against stretch marks gentle, effective makeup removal. (Coconut Oil & Lotion).
  • Coconut oil also cleans, nourishes, protects and beautifies your hair!

Not forgetting that your skin feels, healthy, hydrated, supple and so very SOFT!

Mailelani Fragrance Collections

Each Fragrance consists of a Body Oil, Body Lotion, Soap Bar and Sugar & Sand Body Scrub

Frangipani & Lau Ti Infusion combines the Lau Ti with the characteristic flower, Polynesian women traditionally wear in their hair. Frangipani adds a delicate scent, while the Lau Ti is an ancient stress reliever used on the islands.

Ylang ylang, or moso’oi in Samoa. The smell of this flower perfumes our tropical islands and for our Samoan people living overseas, it will forever bring back pleasant memories of their childhood in paradise. The fragrance is intensely sweet, heady, floral, and slightly spicy.

Fresh Papaya and Mango is a fruity mix of fresh papaya juice and exotic mango poured straight in the lotions and the soaps. Papaya is a gold mine of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fibers to rejuvenate your skin. Excellent after sunbath.

Vanilla & Koko Samoa combines two of the world’s favourite flavours – vanilla and roasted cocoa beans. Cocoa bean is full of antioxidants, which fight infections. At the same time coconut oil is a disinfectant. Those 2 fighters are our skin guardians.

Completely Coconut is a luxurious blend coconut cream, coconut oil and coconut scent. It makes the most of the wonderful qualities of this amazing seed.

For Men combines local honey and Samoan noni with organic coconut oil, avocado oil and organic tamanu oil. For Men prevents dryness and nourishes your skin.
The noni is an antibacterial

Unscented copy

This fragrance free, natural collection is easily absorbed and ideal for sensitive skin. Enjoy the endless benefits of coconut oil without worrying about fragrance.
Recommended for babies and for those who like things Pure and Simple.

“Good Mood

Good skin

Good day!”

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