Our Story

Two people – One dream

Mailelani is the life’s work of Kitiona and I, Sylvie, Salanoa – Kitiona, a native of Samoa and I from Switzerland. The two of us met through mission work overseas, a match made in heaven. While our life and work took us to many countries over the years, we always knew we would one day return to Samoa and open a business, to give back to the people we love. We tried a number of ideas, but the enthusiastic response to our first coconut oil soap made it clear that this was the right way to go. Kitiona taught himself how to make soaps.

Our First Soap

The first Mailelani organic coconut soap was released in 2000. Experimenting with other local ingredients, we added fresh papaya, koko Samoa, honey, noni juice, lime, lau ti, avocado and tamanu oil to our products. Everything is handmade and packaged in Samoa. Working with the technical assistance of a chemist in New Zealand, Mailelani now offers a wide range of organic coconut oil skincare products.


Rae Photography-1
The Salanoa’s – Sylvie, Tailani, Shana, Kezia & Kitiona

Mailelani on a mission

Mailelani is an expression of the abundant blessings Polynesians have enjoyed for generations. Like the coconut itself, we see Mailelani as a gift from heaven. That’s what our name means.
For us, creating our natural skincare products and making it available to you is our mission – something good for everyone involved. Mailelani was birthed in 2005 as an initiative to provide income, first to the rural area in Samoa, through products manufactured with local ingredients by the local people.


The making of pe’epe’e (coconut cream)


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